Delicious! Three Cheese And Herb Penne


•    You can mix cheese and breadcrumbs together to use as a topping.
•    Any sharp cheese of your choice may be replaced with cheddar from the recipe. You can really use cheeses that you like.
•    Fresh herbs are better to use, but if you can’t get and you use dried herbs, use less because dried herbs are more concentrated than fresh herbs.
•    Make sure that the water is boiled before you add the pasta to the pot, otherwise the pasta will stick to the bottom of the pot.
•    Be careful not to burn when you pour the boiling water from the pasta – water can splash, so rather use a colander which is safer.
•    If your pasta stood too long and is sticking together, pour warm water over it, spoon water through thoroughly to loosen the pasta, drain the water and use.