Summer Smoothie Tips, Tricks and Recipes

Summer! The warm and humid weather gives us loads of fresh fruits and vegetables to choose from. With longer daylight, many of us have an opportunity to get outside and be active, making it the perfect chance to whip up a fresh, ice cold smoothie.

Sometimes, the best smoothie recipes are the ones you’ve created yourself. But, we all have to start somewhere first. In the next few weeks we will share some of the easiest and tastiest smoothie recipes with you, to give you that boost of confidence to come up with your own favourite smoothie combination. With our tips and tricks below, there is no reason why any smoothie should land up down the drain or in the bin. We will share some of our quick fix remedies that will turn your ‘flop’ smoothie into a family hit.

Smoothie tips and tricks:
Making your smoothie thinner
– Add small amounts of water, milk or fruit juice. Adding too much at once might making it too thin for your liking.
-Load your blender in the following order: liquids first, then your fruits or vegetables, finishing with the ice blocks on top.


Making your smoothie thicker
-Use frozen fruits or frozen yoghurt. You can also add more ice and work your machine slowly, back up to the highest speed for 20 to 30 seconds.

Making your smoothie less bitter
-Pineapples and oranges add lots of sweetness. Bananas, although sweet, neutralize bitter flavours. Strawberries are also great choices to add to green smoothies, adding a slight sweetness to a bitter smoothie.

-Vanilla essence or sweetener can help mask the bitter flavour of greens.

– Baby greens have a milder bitterness compared more matured greens. If you are not one for bitter tastes, try using small amounts of baby greens and slowly work up to the more mature greens over time.

Making your smoothie less sweet
-Add a small amount of lemon juice.

-Fruits have their own intensity of sweetness, so make sure you use a balance of sweet and citrus fruits to make an evenly balanced summer smoothie.

Adding sweetness to your smoothie
-Add small amounts of honey, maple syrup, grapes, dates or sugar.

-Use watermelon in place of a glass of water, this will not only sweeten your smoothie but you will also not need any, or as much water.

Making a creamier smoothie
– Avocado is perfect for adding a creamy texture. The mild flavour will disguise any bitter flavours your might not be keen on. If avo doesn’t seem to go with your smoothie you can also try ice cream, frozen yoghurt or vanilla yoghurt for some extra creaminess.

Try these easy smoothie recipes for your first summer blends
Basic green smoothie blend


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Breakfast Mango Smoothie

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Fresh Orange and Vanilla Smoothie

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