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Seafood recipes

Recipe: Rainbow Sushi Sandwiches


Tandoori Prawns

A dish fit for a king! Succulent, jumbo sized prawns are left to marinate in a delicate blend of the finest and freshest herbs, spices and natural yoghurt

Nina Dobrev: Salmon, Avocado & Lemon Salad

The star has had a long-time love of fitness, but has recently transformed her routine by adding in a strength component.

Prawn Risotto

To save time, cooked peeled prawns may be substituted for the large raw prawns

Prawn Mushroom and Noodle Supper

The origin of noodles is Chinese. Noodles, often made from wheat dough, had become a staple food for the people of the Han dynasty

Fish Cakes with Cucumber Salad

It consists of minced fish, mashed potato and fresh parsley, coated in breadcrumbs and deep fried.

Crab Cakes

While many folk had been using crab in their recipes, combining the meat with spices and breadcrumbs or crackers, the term “crab cake” was first coined by Crosby Gaige in...

Barbecue Prawns

Prawn is used more commonly on menus than shrimp, while the opposite is the case in the United States

Decadent Seafood Bisque

Bisque is a smooth, creamy, highly seasoned soup of French origin, classically based on a strained broth of crustaceans. It can be made from lobster, langoustine, crab, shrimp, or crayfish.

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