Recipe: Rainbow Sushi Sandwiches

by Moses Ntombela

Rainbow Sushi Sandwiches

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Nutrition facts: 200 calories 20 grams fat
Rating: 5.0/5
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4 Slices of bread
8 Teaspoons of cottage cheese (or butter or hummus)
6 Teaspoons of finely grated carrot
6 Teaspoons of finely shredded purple cabbage
8 Cucumber sticks


Roll each piece of bread very flat with a rolling pin, and spread with cottage cheese (or butter or hummus). Top one end of each slice with 1½ teaspoons of grated carrot and 1½ teaspoons shredded purple cabbage. Add two cucumber sticks in the middle of each slice and roll the bread very tightly, starting with the end that contains the ingredients. Cut into four slices. Each slice of bread will give you four sandwiches.
You could use any spread you like and you have carte blanche with your fillings. This is a nice way to make sandwiches for lunch boxes.
If you use tomato, place the slices onto a piece of paper towel or serviette to soak up the juice to prevent making your sandwiches soggy.



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