John Legend’s Fried Chicken Wings

chicken wings

LEGEND by reputation – Legend by name… Well, stage name, strictly speaking, since the singer we all know and love was actually born John Roger Stephens, on December 28, 1978. The man now named Legend has won 10 Grammy Awards, one Golden Globe, and one Academy Award, so it’s rather surprising that he comes from a seemingly non-musical family, what with both his parents being tailors. He had his first piano lesson at the age of four, and went on to become a wedding singer as a teenager, though naturally his talents aren’t limited to the music word – he was homeschooled for several years and majored in English, even winning a spelling bee once. He’s also a fan of American football, and likes to play the video game Madden NFL 25 on his tour bus. John’s also partial to a bit of chicken, having a tasty rotisserie before many of his shows, which is why we’re bringing you his recipe for fried chicken wings that are bound to have you singing his praises!

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