Gigi Hadid’s Pasta And Sweet Potato Soup

Gigi Hadid Pasta and Sweet Potato Soup

She might be a gorgeous supermodel, but she still has to eat. And when she does, Gigi Hadid enjoys a bowl of her favourite pasta and sweet potato soup.

Gigi Hadid Pasta And Sweet Potato Soup


Birth Name: Jelena Noura ‘Gigi’ Hadid
Place Of Birth: Los Angeles, California,USA
Date Of Birth: April 23, 1995
Height: 1.78m
Parents: Mohamed Hadid, a real estate developer, and Yolanda Foster, a former model
Siblings: Bella Hadid, Sara Michael Foster,  Erin Foster, Anwar Hadid, Amy S. Foster, Jordan Foster, Allison Jones

Did You Know?

This talented young fashion model and TV personality has certainly made her mark on the A-list. Not only is she known for being a Sports Illustrated model, but she has also made several appearances on The Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills. 

Gigi started modelling at the age of two and has been doing so every since. After graduating from high school she continued her studies, taking a course in Criminal Psychology.

And while she exudes all the glitz of the modelling world, she is, at heart, just an ordinary woman. She uses toothpaste on pimples to dry them out at night, and she loves to play volleyball and go horse-riding. She also loved to spend time with her family and friends whenever she can.

According to the star, she refuses to starve herself all in the name of her modelling career, and, while she realises she has to watch what she eats, she takes everything in moderation.