Fruity Halloween Treats!


Try these three fruity treats , we promise the kids will love them!

Strawberry Chocolate Ghosts
It doesn’t get much better than a chocolate dipped strawberry! These strawberry ghosts are cute, easy to make and perfect for Halloween!



2 cups of white baking chocolate
24 Fresh strawberries
Mini chocolate chips

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Melt the white chocolate according to directions on package. Place a large piece of wax or parchment paper on a flat surface. Dip strawberries in the white chocolate, remove and allow the excess coating to pour off onto the wax paper to form the “tail” of the ghost; slide the strawberry back and set on wax paper to dry.

Before coating has set, place two mini chocolate chips on as the eyes. For the mouth, cut off the tip of a mini chocolate chip and place on the strawberry with the bottom side facing up.

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Freaky Fruit Kebabs
Here’s a slightly healthier stab at some fun Halloween treats: fruity kebabs. 


Spanspek Melon
Jumbo marshmallows
Small wooden skewers
Melon baller
Black candy melts
Decorator icing eyes
Piping bag and #1 piping tip (or the smallest round piping tip available)

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Using a melon baller tool, make round balls of spanspek. Cut the kiwis into squares of similar size. Assemble the fruit kebabs onto the small wooden skewers — spanspek ball, marshmallow and kiwi. Put them in the refrigerator for an hour to chill.
Melt the black candy melts in the microwave until smooth. Pour into the piping bag with small, round piping tip.

With a paper towel, dab off any moisture on the fronts of the fruit kebabs. Pipe black candy melt faces on the fronts of the cantaloupe pumpkins, marshmallow ghosts and Frankenstein kiwis. If using icing eyes on the Frankenstein kiwis, apply a tiny dot of candy melt to the kiwi before adding the eyes.

Arrange the fruity kebabs on a tray or plate, and chill them for an hour before serving. These are best if served within 24 hours of preparation.