Sexy Cherry Smoothie Saturday

February is Cherry month. They are a clear indication that summer is in full swing. Just think, nibbling on a cherry while lazing by the pool- you can count us in! We share our favourite cherry smoothie recipes and all the reasons why you should be indulging in the cute, plump little fruit.

Cherries are packed with antioxidants! They play a vital role in reducing inflammation and fight those nasty free radicals.

cherry smoothie


Feeling sore after a power gym session? Snack on a bowl of cherries, they soothe sore muscles. New research has shown that they relieve muscle aches and pains. Cherry juice is becoming increasingly popular and is perfect to add to other foods, in our case, a smoothie! Cherry juice is also a great way to get a good sleep as they contain melatonin.

Because cherries are packed with vitamins A and C and fiber, they are the perfect snack to include in your diet every day. They will not only strengthen your body’s defence system but also improve your overall health.

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