Almond Smoothie Saturday

Putting nuts into your smoothies gives you fiber, protein and healthy fats. Our bodies need healthy fats in order to function properly. These healthy fats  help your body reduce cholesterol, stabilise blood sugar levels and act as a natural anti-inflammatory. Nuts can help you feel full for longer, even though they are high in calories and fat, eating them in moderation can actually help you loose weight.

Depending on what recipes you chose to follow, you can add any amount of nuts to your smoothies. The more nuts you use, the nuttier your smoothie will taste. If you don’t want to use too many nuts in your smoothies, you can try adding nut milk for the liquid base instead of milk or water.


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Because it is Almond Day today, we look closely at smoothies using almonds and almond milk. Almonds have high amounts of antioxidants, mostly found in the brown skin covering the almond nut, so using them whole in your smoothies will give you all of the benefits the almond has to offer.

Almonds are sweet tasting nuts and blend well with any smoothie combination. The flavour of an almond is so subtle that you may not notice it with stronger flavoured ingredients, like banana. They blend well with apple, avocado, beetroot, blackberry, blueberry, broccoli, chai, cherry, cinnamon, coconut, coffee, cranberry, figs, mango, oats, plum, pumpkin seeds, spinach and walnut. For some of the listed ingredients, you may want to use almond milk as well as the nuts to give a definite flavour of almond.

Blueberry Almond Smoothie

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Strawberry, Banana and Almond Smoothie

Breakfast Almond Smoothie