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Unbelievable! The Things Kids Eat

Doctors were stumped when they x-rayed a ten-year-old boy’s torso to see an AirPod lodged below his ribs.

#ImStaying Facebook group reaches 1 MILLION members! Here’s what the founder...

Opinion piece by Jarette Petzer, Founder #ImStaying

Hero Pooch Saves Family From Fire

Sam the hero pooch stepped up to the plate when he saved his family from a house fire earlier this month.

Model Dies After Nose Job

Tragically, another woman has died after undergoing cosmetic surgery at the hands of an unqualified doctor opening Pandora’s Box.

Bonkers For Bananas…

A man chose the wrong fruit to mess with when he ate a banana was a part of an exhibit and was valued at over R1-million.

Walking Dead Stuntman On-Set Death Goes To Court

There are a zillion different ways to die but this Hollywood stuntman died by missing an airbag mattress by centimetres.

Excavating Man’s Best Friend

An 18 000-year-old frozen puppy found by scientists on a remote Russian cliff face is at the centre of a canine family tree debate.

Chatting To Africa’s First All-Women Everest 2020 Team

The nation stands behind another group of South Africans aiming for the stars (literally!). The first African all women team will attempt the Mt Everest summit in May of 2020.

The workaholic’s guide to enjoying the festive season

We just took a DNA test, turns out we’re 100% ready for the festive season!

Money Matters: Make Those Resolutions Real!

Nine New Year’s resolutions to put cash in your pocket in 2019.

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