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World Down Syndrome Day

We had the pleasure of shooting a cause so close to our hearts this week. As most of you may know, World Down Syndrome Day is on March 21 and like every cause, it’s important to do our part and reach people with what we do.

‘The most common form of Down syndrome is known as trisomy 21, a condition where individuals have 47 chromosomes in each cell instead of 46. Trisomy 21 iscaused by an error in cell division called nondisjunction. This leaves a sperm or egg cell with an extra copy of chromosome 21 before or at conception’, according to The condition exists in all regions across the globe and commonly results in variable effects on learning styles, physical characteristics or health.

Recently we decided to spread the world by having a shoot with four beautiful teens with Down syndrome. People always expect fashion to only focus on celebrities and models but that should never be the case, especially us being part of such a huge platform that allows us to tell a story.

Have a look at this shoot showing you not only how to wear one of the hottest and boldest  trends of the year, which is colour, but also how all people with down syndrome should have opportunities to live valued lives, included on an equal basis with others, in all aspects of society.


Diamante Choker: R249, Accessorize

Denim Jacket: R649, Cotton On

Lilac Dress: R929, Top Shop

Metallic Block Heels: R599, Cotton On Tip:Tone down a bold print t-shirt or shirt by either wearing a slip dress over or pairing it with a neutral colour.


Yellow Crop Sweater: R299, Factorie

Jeans: R1299, Sissy Boy

Silver Boots: R599, Cotton On


Yellow T-Shirt: R279, Cotton On

Denim Shorts: R399, Factorie

Cream Sneakers: R3390, Europa ArtTevin

Green Jacket: R699, Cotton On

White T-Shirt: R199, Factorie

Black Jeans: R599, Cotton On

White Sneakers: R849, By Nike, Total Sports


Accessorize: (011) 615-7755

Total Sports: (011) 685-1451

Europa Art: (011) 883-5354

Factorie: 011 476 2003

Cotton On: (011) 883-5354

Top Shop: 011 447 6213


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