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WATCH: Strange But True

A Criminal Cornucopia

AMUSEUM has two major purposes: it sets out to preserve an item deemed culturally or scientifically significant, and aims to educate its visitors with informative data and exhibits. Cinderford, a small rural town in Gloucestershire, England can safely say that it has one of the most unique private collections on display in the country. Deep within the Littledean Jail lies a museum that is both mindboggling and bizarre at the same time. It is called the Crime Through Time Museum, owned by crime-obsessed collector Andy Jones. In it one can view items that belonged to some of Britain’s most notorious lawbreakers, some of which are over 100 years old. Some of the more famed items housed there belonged to people such as John ‘Babbacombe’ Lee (who survived the noose thrice), Myra Hindley of the Moors murders and serial killer Fred West. Andy does not elaborate how he came about these almost unattainable artefacts, but says he is friends with gangster Charles Bronson.

Forget The Goose, Try The Wing

IT’S nice to be appreciated as a valued customer. Most of us would be happy with a coupon or a freebie for our regular patronage – but gold? Imagine you dart off to your favourite lunchtime dig and their staff offers you gold with your friend chicken. Imagine that – 24 karats thereof! Popeyes recently celebrated the opening of their 3 000th store in their 46th year of existence and to commemorate this auspicious inauguration of said restaurant customers were able to buy what was called The Boneless Wing Bash meal, which included six boneless chicken wings, a side and a ‘biscuit’ – what the rest of the world outside of the US would call a scone. The kicker here is that the chicken wings were coated in edible gold flakes. It sounds all terribly outlandish, but it’ll likely prove to be a killer move marketing-wise. The best part is that all of this only cost their customer R75.

The Human Tailpipe

IT’S already bad enough that smokers habitually ignore the warning signs on the packaging of their vice (especially those of the graphic variety in some countries). Have they no sense of self-preservation? Some probably do, but Jim ‘The Mouth’ Purol isn’t one of those. We kid; he is a non-smoker and a fit, intrepid man. What he has going for himself, though, is a Guinness world record or two. Back in 1977 he performed the first underwater drum solo. Two years later he crawled on his hands and knees for what was then a record 40km. He had to one-up himself, naturally, and longed for a new record to set. To Guinness Jim proved that he has the biggest mouth in the world by smoking 150 cigarettes in one go. That is just 10 wee cancer sticks short of eight full 20-packs. His other records may have been broken since he first set them, but this one will likely stand the test of time.



Robert is a descendant of the stout Macpherson Clan out of the Scottish Highlands and can claim Robert the Bruce as a far-off cousin. He suffers from a severe form of Collectors’ Disease and sports an assortment of small valuable curious. In his spare time he works a full-time job, but his real prowess lies within his musical aptitude as a drummer. He is a semi-amateur of the instrument and although he claims beating a drumhead one of the more primal sensations man can experience, he feels it to be an unnatural exercise to pursue. If he could have his way, he’d have breakfast every meal of the day and is a fan of all things Roald Dahl.

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