Two For The Price Of One!

OlOlwethu Mzazi and Owami Mzazi when they married one husband Mzukiseni Mzazi

Mzansi twins Olwethu Mzazi and Owami Mzazi who are 25 years of age have been married to the same man for four years now. Their husband, Mzukiseni Mzazi is twice their age and they all couldn’t be happier! According to the twins, they grew up in a home where sharing is caring. Sharing is in their blood so for them, sharing a husband came naturally!

Olwethu Mzazi and Owami Mzazi married to Mzukiseni Mzazi

Wait, there’s more! They grew up dressing the same, sharing food and pretty much everything else. Both twins are currently studying the same course, acting for camera at City Varsity and their love for drama dates back to their high school days. Speaking of school, did we mention that their twin bond cost them and came at quite a high price where their education is concerned? Olwethu Mzazi and Owami Mzazi failed because of their identical marks!

Two for the price of one

The twins believe that they have one soul which is shared among two bodies.

The identical twins believe they are not in a polygamous relationship however, their husband believes differently – that he has two wives.

Two for the price of one

When 50 year old Mr Mzazi sends an SMS or calls the twins, he does so, twice. Mzazi also gets to have a threesome even though the twins say it’s a rare occasion (eeek! Incest anyone?). The twins both have children who are both three but two months apart. The children both happen to be girls named Luthando and Lwanda. (Each twin has one baby girl with the same hubby).

Two for the price of one

The children believe that they have two mothers which they call “mommy one” and “mommy two” and they are an exact replica of their moms. When asked what they would do if their husband were to get a third wife they both answer,” it’s not a problem for us.” Clearly their elderly husband is living the dream and living it at large!

Two for the price of one shocker

If that is not freaky enough, then we don’t know what is!

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