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True Crime: The Casanova Killer

He was linked to the deaths of 18 people in 1974, although he claimed to have taken 35 lives.

Over four months, Paul John Knowles took the lives of at least 18 people. He still remains one of the lesser known serial killers of his generation, despite having murdered his victims in the most unspeakable ways. Born in Orlando, Florida, Knowles was given up by his father to live in foster homes and reformatories. By his late teens he had already served jail time for petty theft . In early 1974, while behind bars at Raiford Prison in Florida (now known as FloridaState Prison), Knowles began corresponding with a divorcee in San Francisco named Angela Covic. The two fell in love over correspondence and Covic decided to meet her pen pal face to face. As soon as she had arrived to see Knowles, he proposed to her and she accepted. It was Covic who became instrumental in getting Knowles released from prison by paying for his legal counsel, which he would otherwise never have afforded.

Before their relationship had even started, it ended with Covic’s breaking off the engagement. Knowles was reportedly devastated but instead of nursing a broken heart, he went on a killing spree.



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