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Thralls Sold Separately

By Robert Clunie

We mentioned it in Cool Stuff  – here’s more on the holographic dead. The modern world has it so that a near infinite supply of technology and software is readily available to most – cheaply. This, in turn, means a couple of things. The pace at which we develop is exponential; far more innovative people have access to resources. It also means however, that hordes of unnecessary and useless pieces of tech are birthed. Granted, some of these turn out to be really cool. Some are just plain weird. Take the Aeternal as an example. It is the brainchild of Mumbai-based technology agency, Lunatic Koncepts. Their name speaks volumes. The Aeternal is a hearse in its primary function. But LK’s founder, Abhishek Roy is the designer of the crazy vehicle and boy, did he kit the contraption out! The Aeternal’s bed fits many a coffin (made from any material), but it is the transparent casket it sells as a striking feature. The transparency of the coffin requires a specialised air conditioning unit to be installed within the cabin. Pictures can be streamed to the device and it is equipped with a surround sound system to play the departed’s favourite tune. The vehicle can be driven via remote control or it can be pre-programmed via GPS to drive itself to its destination. It can also project holograms on a flat surface – Star Wars style.



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