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Stop, Yield, Go For A Zombie Nation

By Robert Clunie

The Dutch have always been an enterprising and practical people. They’ve had a hand in so many seminal inventions and discoveries despite being such a small nation. Heavy thinkers and creative painters alike hail from the country. They’ve also been involved in the invention of the pendulum clock, mercury thermometer, the artificial heart, the microscope and telescope, gas lighting and of course, the doughnut. Now, as clever as their latest invention might be, it is the circumstances under which it became necessary that is rather saddening. The town of Bodegraven green lit a series of traffic lights that are specifically geared towards pedestrians and cyclists. This sounds like a great idea, but HIG Traffic Systems had to implement these because said cyclists and pedestrians became safety risks when they stare down onto their phones. The incessant use of smart phones forced the installation of the lights (that light up at ground level) and aims to reduce traffic accidents. Some feel that the lights reward the bad behaviour of the ‘smombies’ (smartphone zombies). Municipal worker Dolf Roodenburg is less harsh however. “People in traffic are easily distracted by their smartphone and this way we hope to involve them in a better way into the surrounding traffic.”



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