The Small Business Corner: aHa! Training And Development

Small Business

The Small Business Corner: aHa! Training And Development

Small Business

 WE here at people magazine believe in the small business enterprise as a driver of our economy. We are strong supporters of those individuals who exhibit a strong entrepreneurial spirit. They are also great creators of jobs, no matter how big or small the task, and they often tend to do what they do simply for the love of it. They uplift so many people in this country. It is for this very reason that we feel we need to provide them with as much support we can possibly give.


Who Are They?

Taryn-lee Kearney, owner of aHa! Training and Development had this desire from a small age to help other people, may it be from helping a friend with homework they didn’t understand to helping a friend with confidence training in order to pursue their dream. They strongly believe and trust in people’s abilities. They just sometimes need a nudge and an awesome reminder of how great they can be! This is where aHa! Training and Development was born – their greatest desire is to motivate minds and hearts for success through soft skills training.

What Do They Do?

aHa! Training and Development focuses on soft skills training, facilitation and teambuilding. They use innovative techniques and methods that deliver the most effective, proven results. Soft skills training programmes vary and can be customised to suit your company’s soft skills training requirements such as sales, customer care, assertiveness, successful meetings, office administration and many more.

Where Are They Based?

aHa! Training and Development does training all over South Africa and abroad for small businesses to large companies. Their head office is based in Pretoria in their training centre called aHa! Idea Catalyst Conference Centre.

Who Benefits?

They offer their services from small businesses to large companies! They are there to make a difference! They value their clients and their time. If most of your employees are not fully satisfied with their training services, they guarantee that the next session is on them! They believe so much in developing people and in being M.A.D (Making A Difference) that they will come and give your company a free power hour lunch bag session! So there you have it! You hire Character! They train skill!

How Can You Help?

YOU can reach aHa! through various platforms. You can visit their websites and blog on and . They feature on all major social networking platforms. These are:




Or you can email them: [email protected]

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