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The Small Business Corner: The Supremacy Group (Pty) Ltd

Small Business

 WE here at people magazine believe in the small business enterprise as a driver of our economy. We are strong supporters of those individuals who exhibit a strong entrepreneurial spirit. They are also great creators of jobs, no matter how big or small the task, and they often tend to do what they do simply for the love of it. They uplift so many people in this country. It is for this very reason that we feel we need to provide them with as much support we can possibly give.


Who are they?

Small Business

Penny Smith and Carien van Dijk, the two owners of the Supremacy Group, met whilst working at FirstRand Bank Limited and immediately hit it off as they had one very rare trait in common…they both have an undefined and intense passion for their field of expertise. Penny specialised in the setting-up, auditing, testing and managing of South African and Africa payrolls for over 40 years. She obtained a Higher Diploma in Taxation and has gained profound knowledge and experience whilst working at SARS and FirstRand Bank Limited.
Carien van Dijk obtained her LLB and LLM in Taxation from the University of Pretoria. She was the Senior PAYE and TAA Specialist at FirstRand Bank Limited, focusing on the employment and tax administration requirements of FNB and FirstRand Corporate Centre. Previously Carien formed part of the Tax Team in PricewaterhouseCoopers – Sunninghill, looking after several big brand companies. Whilst working at The Supremacy Group, she also does part-time lecturing in Tax at Varsity College.
Since combining their passions, The Supremacy Group was born around the dining room table, starting extremely small and carving their way up, proudly sitting with 13 employees currently. Since then, they have made it their priority to help small businesses and to also uplift the community by taking high school graduates and giving them the opportunity to gain experience and obtain further education within the Group. In 2016 The Supremacy Group was recognised by the National Small Business Corporation (NSBC) and won an award for the Top 20 South African Small Businesses. And in 2017 The Supremacy Group successfully formed part of the 3E Accounting International Network, whereby over 30 countries are represented.

What do they do?

The Supremacy Group focuses on providing Payroll, Tax, Accounting and Company Secretarial services for start-up to blue chip Corporations. What makes them unique is their ability to give you as a business representative the same expertise services as a Big Four Auditing Company, but at a fraction of the price. They do not simply handle your Payroll, Tax and Accounting affairs (that’s the easy part), they ensure that your business is completely (100%) compliant with SARS and all other authorities. In addition, we also advise on better methods of structuring your transactions to ensure optimal accounting and tax.

Where are they based?

The head office is based in Pretoria, with a branch in Johannesburg and a virtual office in Cape Town.

Who benefits?

Current business owners, current corporations and any current or upcoming entrepreneur wanting to take the brave step start their own enterprise. Their passion is to help you focus on your passion, while they ensure your company remains compliant!

How can you help?

Small Business

You can reach The Supremacy Group through various platforms. You can visit our websites and blog on They feature on all major social networking platforms. These are:





Or you can email them: i[email protected] or call on 012 755 1847


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