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Saving The Senses: A First For South Africa

The south of Johannesburg is but an inconspicuous area. There are no lofty structures to speak of, the landscape is relatively flat and it bears a humble blue-collar aura. But in it lies a facility, with both form and function, of such a grand a purpose that it can claim to be the only one in the country.

The Ear & Eye Clinic in Meyersdal is the first day hospital in South Africa to provide health care especially focused on both ears and eyes. It might not sound all that imposing, splendid or ostentatious as other facilities spread across our land, but do remember one thing – sight and sound and our use thereof can arguably thought of as one of our greatest gifts.

The idea originated with Dr Duane Mol, an ear surgeon who had his practice at the Union Hospital.  He was soon joined by Dr Ed H-Jervis and Dr Tony dos Ramos, both eye surgeons who had their practice at the Optimed Clinic. Naturally the hospital experienced some teething issues; it took the better part of six years to iron out kinks relating to council permissions, the switching of architects, finance issues and a legal speedbump or two.

There currently are two ear surgeons and four eye surgeons who conduct their practice at the clinic.  Two fully-equipped operating theatres, a modern eye-testing centre, full audiology facilities, as well as a state-of-the art low radiation cone beam CT scanner, ensure the provision of a comprehensive service. The November opening of the clinic therefore signalled the opening of one of the best facilities of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere.

The vision of the Clinic is to be the leader in ear & eye healthcare in both South Africa and the African continent and in the process improve the quality of life for patients. The mission of the Clinic is to make the provision of top-quality healthcare an enjoyable experience for the patients. The focus is on genuine care of patients which goes way beyond just being friendly.  The goal is that patients must feel loved as a result of the way they are treated by the staff.

Further details can be found on the Ear & Eye Clinic website.



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