What is That!?

“On my first date with Matt you’d never have known he had a fake leg. It was hidden under jeans and he only had a very slight limp.
He’d been upfront about losing his leg to childhood cancer when we first connected online, and I liked how he said it had given him a zest for life.
That first date was electrifying. He was bright and funny and I was hugely attracted to him. ‘Why are you single?’ I asked at one point, emboldened by red wine. He said girls could never see past the fake leg, which I thought was incredibly shallow. Though I admit, when we got intimate for the first time a few weeks later, I did find it a bit weird at first when he took his metal leg off before we got into bed. ‘Time to get legless’, he joked, lightening the mood. The sex was amazing. My previous boyfriends had always been selfish lovers.

Matt was incredibly giving, not just in bed, but in our everyday lives, too. After a year of dating, I moved in with him. Life with Matt was one big adventure. He was always on the lookout for some new challenge, be it abseiling, rock climbing or mountain biking. The only thing he ever complained about was his prosthesis. It was heavy and uncomfortable. He often lost his balance on it and dreamed of having one with better knee and ankle control, but they were horribly expensive and we couldn’t afford it. Not long after we’d moved in together he presented me with a sparkly engagement ring. ‘This must’ve cost a bomb’, I gasped. ‘You should’ve bought yourself a new leg instead’.

‘This is more important’, he replied. Matt left the wedding planning to me and six months passed in a blur of organising, but I became increasingly concerned about his bad leg. I felt guilty ordering flowers and choosing canapés when he hobbled around in agony. ‘Maybe we should put the wedding on hold and get your leg sorted’, I suggested, but he wouldn’t hear of it. The show went on, and on our big day, I walked down the aisle, my eyes fixed on my handsome groom. During our first dance he had a lightness to him I hadn’t felt before.
‘You seem…buoyant’, I said, searching for the right word.
‘On cloud nine’, he joked, winking. He was in such good spirits all day and didn’t seem to limp much at all that I began to suspect he was high on painkillers.
When all the festivities were over, we went back to our hotel room. He poured us both a glass of Champagne before carefully unbuttoning my gown and taking off his grey suit jacket and shirt. I slipped between the sheets as he unbuttoned his pants…then I got the shock of my life!
‘You’ve got a new leg!’ I gasped. He grinned at me. ‘But… how?’ I stammered.
He said that his medical aid had granted him enough money for a new prosthesis and he’d had secret meetings with a specialist to get it fitted in time for the big day. It was the best wedding surprise I could’ve imagined.  I’m so proud of my inspiring husband. He wouldn’t agree to tell his story – he doesn’t want people to pity him – so I’m telling it anonymously. I wish everyone in the world could have his positivity.”

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