WATCH: Lewis Capaldi Shares Top Tips For Finding A Match On Tinder

Last month, Lewis Capaldi announced that he is officially on Tinder and has partnered up with the world’s leading dating app to offer one lucky person the chance to join him at his concert in New York. Having spent the last month enjoying unprecedented attention from people all over the world, Lewis has become a self-proclaimed Tinder guru.

Lewis Capaldi offers free tickets to Tinder matches

And thanks to his experiences on his quest to find love, he has decided to share his top do’s and don’ts for Tinder success, in a video that is bound to make an impression.


With sold-out tours everywhere he goes, and ‘Someone You Loved’ rapidly climbing the Billboard Hot 100 in America, where it currently sits at #3, Lewis Capaldi truly is a new US pop phenomenon. Whilst you might not be as talented as Lewis at belting out heartfelt ballads and topping the charts, with his romancing tips up your sleeve, there is hope yet to find dating success. In an exclusive video, Lewis can be seen encouraging you to show some flair with interesting Tinder bios that will catch the attention of your potential suitors. Together with pointers for the best conversation starters, that will dazzle your sparkling personality and help to win them over in just a few lines.

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Watch ‘Someone You Loved” below, and then tell us what you thing of Lewis’ top tips!