Survivor Mzansi: The Load Shedding Edition

Guess who’s back… Yup, Eskom announced recently that load shedding has returned. Inconvenient and annoying as load shedding may be, South Africans are, in general, a resilient lot, and somehow we manage to make a plan. Which is why we’re bringing you an updated survivor’s guide to getting through the dark times. Do you have other tips to share with your fellow readers?


Go Solar


Why not use this round of load shedding as the trigger to finally install a solar geyser and get solar lamps for your garden?

Be Part Of The Generat-ion

Sure, this may be a rather expensive option, but investing in a generator makes all the difference. Remember to shop around, because smaller, more cost effective generators are available.

Go Gas

The top chefs all swear by cooking with gas, so look at converting your electrical stove to a gas one. You could even just purchase a camping gas stove. That way, when Megawatt Park decided to flip the switch on you, you can still have a hot meal or a cuppa to chase the blues away!

Make Every Day Braai Day!

The one benefit to load shedding is that there is always an excuse to make a fire and tan some chops! Make things social by inviting the neighbours over.

Shine A Light

Remember to stock up on batteries for torches and lanterns. Sure, candles could make the atmosphere a little more romantical and all, but torches, lamps and lanterns are a much, much safer option – particularly with kids around.

Keep Busy

Use the time to do the chores you’ve been putting off. Spring-clean the house, fix the door that’s been catching for months, or paint that feature wall you’ve been meaning to do. Without the temptation of Netflix, Facebook or YouTube, you’ll be able to concentrate on the tasks you’ve been avoiding!

Store The Power

Just in case an emergency arises, make sure that when the electricity is on, keep your laptop, cellphone and tablet on charge. That way you’re contactable and are able to contact others should the need arise.

Shedding Light On Load Shedding