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Reader’s Confession: Whistleblower

“SOMETIMES I really wonder what goes on in people’s minds. I used to have such respect for my maths teacher and thought the world of him. He was intelligent and always seemed willing to help anyone in need of extra classes. Nothing prepared me for what I witnessed.

With the matric exams recently gone by, I’m reminded of my matric last year. We were all excited about it being our final year. There were so many things to plan for – a matric camp, the matric ball (which was the highlight of any child’s school career) and then, last and probably least, the final examination. This last part caused us so much stress.

We were nervous but also very happy at the same time. I had often noticed how my friend, who had been in my class since Grade Eight, flirted with the boys. She was always ready to show off her body and to let guys idolise her. She didn’t really care about school work and just scraped by every year, managing to pass.

One Saturday evening, at our school’s variety show, I was looking for her. I searched everywhere but couldn’t find her. The soccer boys then pointed out that she had walked towards the parking area. I decided that I would go looking for her there. There were heaps of cars in the parking area and a few kids standing outside.

I looked around but I couldn’t see her. I turned around to leave and that’s when I saw the maths teacher’s car – he was standing near the passenger’s side. I walked closer to investigate and saw my friend sitting in the car. They got such a fright and had guilt written all over their faces. My friend didn’t know where to look as we walked back to the show in the school hall.

Hundreds of thoughts went through my mind. What was happening here? As the days went by, I noticed stranger things. My friend’s maths marks went from 20 percent to 70 percent. That was strange as she was rather poor in the subject. I’d been an average maths student and maintained a decent 60 percent. This wasn’t making any sense to me. I decided to do some more investigating.

My chance came three weeks later when we had extra classes. I was waiting on my mom to fetch me after class but decided not to tell my friend. I told her I was getting a lift from another classmate and made like I left. My friend and the maths teacher were still alone, and a few minutes later I stood outside the classroom beneath the window. I listened as the two of them spoke. Then it hit me: they were having an affair.

I was cross. How could they do that? I left with all these emotions in my head. I couldn’t sleep that night. After much thought I decided to blow the whistle on them. I felt bad afterwards but I wanted to protect my friend. The teacher left the school and went back to his home up country while my friend failed matric that year. I am not proud for telling on them but I realised that I stopped something which could’ve ended much worse.”

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