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Reader’s Confession: No Fairy Tale Ending

“I ALWAYS thought I would be the happiest woman on Earth and meet some great guy and have a family. It came true twice but ended quickly. I was always the chirpy fun girl. I had always liked this one guy and wondered when he’d ever speak to me. Until one day when I saw him and he came over and we started talking. From then on we just couldn’t keep away from each other.

I was so happy and we did everything together. We were inseparable. We got married and had a beautiful baby girl. My worst nightmare began after the marriage and child. He hardly touched me and was never home. We finally went out to friends one evening. I was a bit tipsy and looked around and saw that my husband wasn’t around. I got up and what hurt me the most, was seeing him lying in bed having sex with my best friend. It started before we even had our baby girl.

I was devastated and I wasn’t myself at all because he was my everything. We got divorced and we both moved on; I took my daughter and got myself a place. I felt like my world came to an end. I thought of him every day but it had to stop, as he and my best friend were still together.

I visited a few friends and met someone new. This guy seemed nice and respectful. I liked his attitude and he was fun as well. We clicked immediately and I never thought after my first marriage that I would meet someone again and so soon. We went out and he used to surprise me with gifts and always showed me how much he loved me. I was in love with this man.

Everything happened fast and we got married. I had another beautiful baby girl. I just felt like he is the one. Everything went smoothly and we were so happy that nothing could part us. I fell pregnant again with our second baby girl, and we were both so excited. But it all came crashing down when he started to drink, always going out with his friends and coming home late.

One night a noise woke me up. I got up and checked the house (the girls were at their grandmother) and before I could get to my eldest daughter’s room, I heard the noise again. I slowly opened the door and saw my husband having sex with another one of my best friends. I couldn’t believe it. I just walked away and got in bed, crying myself to sleep. I felt so heartbroken – it’s happening again. I will never have a happy ending.”

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