Reader’s Confession: My Future Stepmom Is My Best Friend!

“IN January of 2018 I had to go begin my studies at the University of Johannesburg. Leaving my dad was never easy, as he was the only parent that I had after my late mom’s passing, but I vowed to visit him as often as I could. Months passed by so fast and before I could blink it was already Easter holidays.

As usual, while I was still packing the night before, my long-time friend Ntombi*, who stays in my hometown, called me to find out what time I would get home the next day. Like always she then started chatting about her newfound man that she couldn’t wait for me to meet. I couldn’t wait, either; besides being exhausted from hearing about him every day on the phone, from the chats and descriptions he sounded like a very good guy but the only problem was that he was a little bit old. He was 39.

But anyway, who was I to judge – as long as Ntombi was happy. The man even bought her a promise ring. Things were going very good for them, and I even envied her. Anyway, as soon as it was a new day, I quickly took a bus home. I wanted my visit to catch my family by surprise.

The bus dropped me off near Ntombi’s house where she said we would meet so we could go sleep over at my place to catch up, but to my surprise she wasn’t picking up my calls. So I walked to her house in hopes of finding her. I could hear sounds while I was knocking. It sounded like she was in a man’s company.

After a few minutes she opened up dressed in a towel. She was so excited to see me even though I had come at a bad time. “So he’s here too?” I whispered. “Yes, he is just quickly dressing up,” Ntombi replied. As we chilled in the lounge, Ntombi’s ‘boyfriend’ stepped in with pink kisses of lipstick all over his face. I was really excited to meet him – but as soon as I laid my eyes on him, my heart stopped instantly and my brain froze.

I almost died of shock and disbelief. This man was my one and only dad! I thought such encounters only happen in movies. My best friend is in love with my dad!”

PLEASE NOTE: These stories are sent in by readers and each is the opinion of the reader only. people magazine is not responsible for what is sent in or how actions/procedures have been followed. *Names have been changed.



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