Reader’s Confession: Love Thy Neighbour

“I AM just an ordinary man of 53. I simply like to have my coffee and I happily enjoy the company of others with a string of jokes and some good old fashioned fun.

I was sitting at home one Saturday and made myself some coffee to just relax. My wife indulged in one of her pastimes that day – shopping. Our neighbour came around. She asked about my wife’s coming and going. I answered politely. Satisfied, she said she would come around again and at that moment her intoxicating smile had me think she was into me. I ignored it, though.

My neighbour began to visit more often; she came around when she knew my wife was not at home. I then thought ‘I’ll have to speak to her and let her know she’s making me uncomfortable by being alone with me. What would my wife think? I can’t have that’. She kept asking about my wife’s whereabouts because she wanted to speak to me alone. I agreed but laid out a ground rule whereby all doors were to remain open.

Things got a little complicated. As we spoke, she kept throwing hints my way – she wondered what it would feel like to have a man in her bed. I was shocked. ‘Wow, this woman means business and she wants something,’ I thought. The next thing I knew her hands slid up my trousers. She looked me dead in the eye and said, ‘It will be okay; no one has to know.’ We started kissing and her hands were in my pants.

We juggled this liaison for some time. I felt so bad and it always happened when my wife left to go shopping. I was so distant toward my wife and I could see it made her unhappy. I didn’t know what to do. I kept myself buried in my work to ignore my wife and to think about what I’d done to our 38-year marriage.

I fell ill and I had no idea what was wrong with me. My wife suggested that I visit the hospital just in case it turned out to be serious. When I went she stepped outside to inform our kids over the phone that I had been admitted. My doctor later returned with grave news: I’d contracted an STI. I was so shocked and scared; I cried and begged him to withhold the information from my wife because I wanted to tell her myself.

We got home that night and I felt I had to confess. My wife burst into tears. She began screaming and shouting beyond belief because she was so upset. In a flurry she stormed out of the house and she darted straight towards our neighbour’s door. She violently beat the woman up who’d infected me with the disease. My wife left me and I’ve felt alone ever since. I can’t live without and her I might as well die.”

PLEASE NOTE: These stories are sent in by readers and each is the opinion of the reader only. people magazine is not responsible for what is sent in or how actions/ procedures have been followed. *Names have been changed.



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