Raped and Tortured

By Walton Golightly

The Devilet family was on holiday at the Belgian seaside town of Coxyde. On the morning of August 8, 1987, Christel, nine, left her older brothers Frederic and Michel to explore the promenade. She was last seen by them talking to a fat woman outside the amusement arcade. When Christel hadn’t returned by evening her parents called the police.

Despite extensive inquiries around the resort’s entertainment spots and a painstaking search of the surrounding area, Christel could not be found. Neither could the ‘fat lady’. Six days later, the Coxyde police received a phone call from their counterparts across the border in Dunkirk, France. A body matching Christel’s description had been found floating in the Canal de Bourbourg. Investigators travelled to Dunkirk and confirmed the ID – it was indeed the missing girl.
Christel had been terribly mutilated; a post mortem suggested she had been raped and ritually tortured to death. Cuts were of a design that suggested Satanic activity. It also seemed a fire had been lit on Christel’s abdomen, indicating the little girl had been used as an altar in some kind of black mass.
Based on the length of time the body had been in the water and the strength of the current, the French police were able to estimate where Christel had been put into the canal.
This was where they ran into some much-needed good luck. A man had been walking his dog on the towpath the previous Saturday – the night Christel was murdered – and he noticed a white Peugeot with a Belgian number plate.
Some 29 white Peugeots were found to be registered to Coxyde residents. By a process of elimination this was narrowed down to four. One of the owners on the shortlist was Claude Bouck, 35.
But it was his wife, Nicole, who attracted the police’s attention. She was decidedly overweight.

A search of the Bouck home revealed a basement temple-torture chamber. Traces of blood matching Christel’s group were found on the floor. The Boucks initially denied having anything to do with the little girl’s murder. Then they confessed – blithely and without remorse. After all, they told the police, they were Satanists and that’s what Satanists did – kill children.
They were sent to prison for life.



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