ISHU: Paparazzi-proof Scarf For The Famous

DMX rocking ISHU scarf

Dutch-born designer, Saif Siddiqui is the man behind the clever concept of the first ever paparazzi-proof scarf of it’s kind and all of celebville – far and wide, are thanking their gods for the ultimate answer to their prayers. The ISHU invisibility cloak was birthed as a concept in 2009 when Saif took a picture of his friends and a bike reflector hid their faces. He set out to work doing research with experts finding out the finer details about reflective technology, light and fabric. The result was born six years later as a blend of technology and fashion – the ISHU paparazzi-proof scarf. Celebs who have been spotted rocking the ISHU scarf include Paris Hilton, DMX, Cameron Diaz, Laura Whitmore, Nick Jonas, Hannah Simone and Jeremy Piven to name a few.

Cameron Diaz slaying ISHU scarf


The ISHU scarf has brought back some privacy to celebs especially since their lives are always under scrutiny. Now you see them… then Abracadabra and they’re gone! How the paparazzi-proof scarf works lies in it’s unusual composition that has thousands of nano-spherical crystals which make all flash photography useless due to the crystals’ reflective light into the camera. Saif Siddiqui is the talk of the town for his genius invention. Due to his thriving and flourishing business, he travels between London and Amsterdam. It’s only a matter of time before we see the Kardashian clan rocking the entire ISHU collection.

To get the full ISHU collection range, head over to their website.