Reader’s True Story: ‘My Child Was Raped’

Told by Anonymous Edited By Eugenia Booi

“On June 5, 2004, my eight-year-old daughter was raped by my cousin’s husband. It happened again when she was 11.

On both occasions he’d had the audacity to commit the heinous crime when the house was full of people – thus, when the story eventually came out, the first thing he asked was, ‘When was I alone with this child?’



My child told me what had happened only but she refused to give a name because she felt she was protecting his wife and kids. Other family members and I suspected only one person because of his perverted nature and in the end we were all right. We went through the motions of psychotherapy to try to help my child find closure and healing. As she was a minor a criminal case was opened and it cost me a fortune running to meet with doctors, police, prosecutors and therapists for almost four years before the case got on the court role. The trial ran from February 2014 to September 2014. We had four witnesses on our side, including a medical professor who had examined the child a few weeks after the first incident. She had photographs and detailed the extent of the damage, which she presented to the court along with an in-depth explanation of her findings. There were other medical reports presented to the court as well from various people who had examined and interacted with the child prior to the trial.

The long and short of the story is that after the victim went through years of trauma and four years of interrogation by various legal parties and forensic experts to see if she was lying, the court still let the monster walk free. He has not once tries to make amends or confront my child as to why she was making up such an ugly story about him – as you might expect if he were innocent. He knows what he did and so do we. But just because the magistrate didn’t believe what the witness said, the rapist walked free.

‘Vengeance is mine’, said the Lord. He will get his day.”