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Making Every Touch Count

The Magic Touch Foundation SA will be hosting their 5th clothing drive for the homeless, to push the movement, driven by young individuals, of awareness of the homeless men, women and children in South Africa. The clothing drive will take place on the 8th of December at Johannesburg, Braamfontein, South Point Central, 17 Melle St, Johannesburg.

The Magic Touch Foundation was founded in 2015, by Lead SA Hero of March 2016, Chantal Morifi. The drive aims to transform the lives of the less fortunate, paying close attention to women and children in South Africa.

The foundation began with the aim to dress underprivileged boys and girls for their matric dance. 2018 begun with an explosive movement focusing on clothing and feeding the homeless on the streets of South Africa.

The vision is to witness this movement to flow into Africa. Since the inception of 2018, the foundation has completed 4 clothing drives thus far, dressing close to 500 homeless individuals within Johannesburg and Pretoria.

If only giving to the less fortunate could be as natural as saying hello to a stranger. The current ‘Evolution 2 Revelation’ Clothing drive for the homeless is a ripple effect of love, which has seen to make an impact on the homeless, the spectator and the individual volunteering by dressing, feeding and praying for the individual.

The objectives of the clothing drive are:

  • Provide clothing & food to the homeless on the streets
  • Provide comfort and prayer to the homeless
  • Educate the volunteers and public about the importance of considering those less fortunate and in a ‘unbelonging’ environment
  • Looking into how we can turn the homeless individuals into employees that can work for the community of our streets

The Magic Touch Foundation SA is looking into branching into other major areas of the country, with further support aiding in the growth of the foundation. More details on the clothing drive will be available on the social media platform of the foundation:

Instagram: @themagictouchfoundation_sa

Twitter: @themagicaltouch_sa,

Facebook: Magic Touch Foundation SA

Email: [email protected]

Contact: Chantal Morifi (Founder & Director) Cell: +27 65 821 3611



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