Just plain Bizarre


By Walton Golightly

Under The Table
AN alert (or nosy) passer-by called police on October 10 last year after seeing staff through the window of a bank in Birmingham, England, cowering under their desks. Police officers arrived at the bank in hopes of catching a robber red-handed, but instead were told the workers were participating in a team-building game of hide-and-seek.

Good Boy!
K-9 OFFICER HARDY probably thought he’d hit the jackpot when US Customs and Border Protection agents discovered an unusual item in a passenger’s luggage at Atlanta’s Hartsfield-Jackson airport recently. Fox 5 reported that something smelled suspicious (and delicious) to Hardy, so agents opened the bag of a traveller from Ecuador to find a cooked pig’s head. “This seizure illustrates the tremendous expertise of our four-legged K-9 partners in protecting the US,” said spokesperson Carey Davis. No doubt to Hardy’s distress, the pig’s head was removed and destroyed.

The First Rule Of Fight Club…
TWO mothers are suing the Adventure Learning Center day care in St Louis over an incident in December 2016 when teachers organised a ‘fight club’ among pre-schoolers. According to Fox 2, the idea was conceived as a way to entertain the kids while the heater was broken. The 10-year-old sibling of one of the pre-schoolers was in the room next door and captured video of the fights with an iPad, then texted the video to his mom, Nicole Merseal, who believes the fight was broken up only because she called the director of the centre. The video shows one teacher jumping up and down in excitement as another one puts ‘Incredible Hulk’ fists on the kids; CCTV cameras at the centre recorded more than 30 minutes of fighting.


A HOMEOWNER in Upper Tantallon, Nova Scotia, received an unsettling phone call from a neighbour on October 16 last year. There were two strangers in her house, said the neighbour. (A door had been left unlocked so the neighbour could walk the dog.) Police expected to find that the home had been ‘cleaned out’, said Nova Scotia Royal Canadian Mounted Police spokesperson Dal Hutchinson. Instead, the two women inside the house had cleaned up! They were employees of a cleaning company who had gone to the wrong address.

Taking Flight
ON November 12, 2018, a group of cyclists in Hustopece, Moravia, Czech Republic, rode to a local landmark known as Lookout Tower, reports United Press International. Taking in the view from the top of the tower, they saw a drone flying around and took video of it – capturing the moment when it picked up one of their bicycles and flew away with it. Happily, it dropped the bike a few hundred metres away.