Introducing Rugga Rock!

You know how strange things happen once a month when the full moon appears, right? Well, we’ve definitely noticed a similar thing happens every four years when there’s a Rugby World Cup on the sporting calendar.

First we had The Kiffness rewriting the lyrics to the ‘love-it-or-hate-it-this-song-is –everywhere’ hit, Dames.


Now we’ve stumbled across Rugga Rock, the point at which the worlds of Rock Metal and Rugby intersect.

South Africans are known for throwing themselves wholeheartedly behind their national teams, so we guess it was only a matter of time before three mates like these got together to provide us with these digital gems. Mike (vocals), Koos, and Makkie (who also plays for Van Pletzen and Hello Beautiful), describe their genre on Instagram as ‘Klipharde Rowwe Rugga Treffers’, and we can’t say they’re wrong.

Watch their head-banging, sweep-picking, mic-cupping, Bokke-backing selves in the two videos below.

Who knows? Somewhere in a changing room in Japan there could soon be 15 players psyching themselves up ready to bring home Ons Beker!

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