Hero Pooch Saves Family From Fire


By Vanessa Papas: Hero Sammy is no ordinary dog. While you would be forgiven for thinking he (or she, as no one quite knows this doggie’s gender) was just your average pooch, Sammy has been hailed a hero after he alerted his owners to a fire that broke out overnight earlier this month. Investigators believe the blaze was sparked by a faulty deep freezer.

“Sammy, one of the household pets, alerted the five people inside to the fire raging at the rear of the home. The people all escaped unharmed,” Fire Rescue wrote in a Facebook post, while posting several photos of the pup sitting in the back of a truck while firefighters put out the house fire. Sadly, two cats and another dog died in the flames. “While several crews battled the fire, other firefighters located and removed the three pets from the smoke-filled structure. Firefighters tried, but were unable to revive them.”

The story follows other tales of hero dogs. In March this year, photos of a golden retriever went viral after he saved not only his own family, but also his neighbours, when he barked up a storm to alert them to a fire. Ulysses S Cocksman took to social media to share how his family owe their lives to his dog, Hank.

“Hank barked non-stop until he had my attention. I saw the very large wooden work shed full of gasoline, paint, and God knows what else was blazing. The oaks were on fire. Flaming leaves and embers were blowing everywhere,” says Cocksman. “I woke up my family and rushed them out of the house, before calling the fire and rescue department. The fence and the neighbour’s shed went up like a torch. We were able to wake the neighbour and get her kids and dog outside just as the fire crew got there. The fire spread to the back of our house the same minute the firefighters got the hoses to it. A minute or two more, and it was gone. Instead, everyone is safe, and we still have a house. It’s black and crispy on one side, but it’s totally intact.” It is unknown how the fire started.

Photo by (McLaren Northern Michigan Hospital )

Then there’s the unbelievable story of a man who broke his neck outdoors in freezing conditions but managed to survive lying in snow for nearly 24 hours thanks to his dog Kelsey, who kept him warm through the night and barked for help. Kelsey’s owner was alone when he left his farmhouse on New Year’s Eve to collect firewood, wearing nothing but thin PJ pants, a shirt and, despite the temperature being around -4C. He slipped and broke his neck. Kelsey heard his screams for help and came running to his aid. The five-year-old Golden Retriever kept her owner warm by lying on top of top of him, and kept him awake by licking his hands and face until help arrived.