Black Friday Memes

by Bridgette Matjuda
black friday meme

The origins of Black Friday are rooted in  American culture where the first Friday after Thanksgiving (this year it’s November 24, 2017) is a day of big sales and special promotions for American shoppers. Of course, because FOMO is real and South Africans don’t want to lose out, the Black Friday trend has been embraced here with open arms.

What’s got us in stitches though, are the Black Friday memes, and in the spirit of light-heartedness and Friday funnies, we share some of our favourites:

Who did this? #WeCantBreathe

black friday lobola meme

Talk about taking creativity to a whole new level! #NaughtyButNice

black friday sale

They are coming for you, Boo! #RunForestRun

black friday meme

The shade is real! #NoChill

black friday funnies

As we sip our tea with Kermit because it’s none of our business! #CestLavie

black friday memes

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