Rama Makes Future Dreams a Reality For 10 South Africans

by Gabrielle Ozynski

Rama has awarded bursaries following a competition held in Shoprite, Checkers and Pick n Pay stores towards the end of 2018. To enter the competition, shoppers needed to purchase Rama and then complete the Rama Breakfast Check via USSD.

The Breakfast Check is a first of its kind interactive tool developed in conjunction with nutritionists and digital experts. The tool enables parents to easily assess their families’ breakfast habits through a series of simple questions. This innovation helps parents and caregivers to improve the nutritional profile of their children’s breakfast meals and encourages them to form new, good breakfast habits for their families.

Rama believes that sending children to school well-nourished with a good breakfast daily helps them start right, every day and in life.

Thanks to Rama, Malose Molebale, Lawrence Mazibuko, Sylvia Nkwinika, Diale Mamosebo and Victor Takalani will be able to provide that little extra for their children this year, to help them reach their full potential.

“I have a precious daughter that goes to school but I cannot afford her education and as I was buying Rama, I saw the competition and entered,” said Diale Mamosebo, one winner from Pretoria, “I hope she gets the best possible education and that she achieves her life goals and dreams of being a Doctor.”

A delicious spread enriched with 9 vitamins and omega 3, Rama can form part of a nutritious and tasty morning meal that feeds children’s brains and gives them energy for the day. Studies show a good breakfast can improve children’s concentration at school and give them more energy to participate in class, yet many children are going to school daily without the right nourishment.

In 2017, Rama commissioned a scientific white paper seeking to clarify the value of habitually eating a nutritious breakfast, in relation to the growth and development of children in South Africa. Studies revealed that most South African children aren’t eating breakfast and those that are, aren’t generally eating a balanced, nutritious meal. Rather, they tend to eat bread, ready-to-eat cereals or maize porridge, which means they are lacking the fruits, veg, protein and good fats and oils they need to keep them fueled for the day.

That’s why Rama is committed to educating South African children on better breakfast habits. In 2017, Rama launched the Good Breakfast Schools Programme, and has already taught almost 400 000 children the importance and make up of a good breakfast through a behavior change programme in 720 schools.

As per the South African Food Guidelines, Rama recommends a balanced breakfast comprising of as many of the 5 food groups as possible: grains/starchy food (oats, porridge or bread), protein/ legume  (egg, fish, chicken , lean meat or baked beans), dairy (milk, maas or yoghurt), fruit or veg ( apple, banana, carrot) and a beverage (unsweetened tea with milk, or water).

A little bit of Rama on bread or added to breakfast meals is a simple way of adding great taste and extra nutrients to your family’s morning meal, keeping the whole family fueled for greatness.

Find out more about the Breakfast Check at Rama Breakfastcheck

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