Paws R Us Gets Creative In Fundraising

By Vanessa Papas: PAWS R US (SA) was formed in 2011 by a group of animal lovers when it became clear that South African animal welfare needed more than just donations but also animal welfare education at various levels of society in order to grapple with the problems of responsible pet care, and sterilisation, whilst curbing the damaging effects of puppy-mills and unregulated pet shops and breeding.

PAWS R US (SA) which has 230 dogs in their care, operates in the companion animal welfare sector and focus specifically on the rescue, shelter, networking and re-homing of rescue dogs. They do not have their own physical premises with full-time staff, but make use of private rescue kennels where they pay rent each month.


These core operations are based at the Linber Kennels facility out in the Tarlton area on the way to Magaliesberg and a smaller base at a Midrand facility. They have seven full-time kennel guardians who give their orphans the best care. They also make use of a voluntary network of approved Gauteng-based foster homes. They are using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn in order to build their reputation and attract more donors and grow their support base, give their adoption albums maximum publicity and educate society about the plight of companion animals and the many serious challenges that need to be overcome.

Meet some of their residents: Brad and Angelina – no, not Hollywood’s A-list ex-couple who live a lavish life of red carpet treatment, but instead two little long-legged Jack Russells who symbolise the sad reality of rescued animals who wait longer for blessings to come. Angelina is much like a fawn – a bit gawky, and yet elegant.  At the age of four, she has been waiting for two years for the chance to find her special people and forever home, and is currently at Paws R Us Rescue Kennels in the Tarlton area. Brad – a gentle, loveable and handsome long-legged Fox Terrier mix boy and Angelina’s BFF – not only triumphed over cancer, but has, like Angelina, been in the Paws R Us kennels for way too long. Brad and Angelina are two of many beautiful and loving dogs currently in kennels awaiting their foster or forever home at PAWS R US (SA) – an Animal Rescue and Re-homing Group, and a registered Non-Profit Company (NPC).

In addition to support their rescues, purchase quality food, pay their monthly kennelling, vet bills and kennel staff, they have launched a new wine, bubbly and sherry range – named after pooches currently in their care: The Monty Merlot, The Ross Rose, The Pablo Pinotage, The Camo Chardonnay, The Sheena Shiraz, The Brangelina Brut and The Sarge Spumante, Furball Full Cream, Meow Medium Cream, and Purrfect Pale Dry.

Monty, a very special Bull Terrier boy who is fighting skin-cancer in the most beautifully brave way; Ross, a Shepherd mix boy who bears the name of Ross Learmonth from Prime Circle – the first celebrity to have jumped in to support PAWS R US (SA); Pablo, who represents the thousands of Jack Russells who are misunderstood, abandoned and dumped at shelters around the country. Arguably the most surrendered breed in SPCAs, Camo, who represents the misunderstood Pitbull breed.

Victims of stereotyping, prejudice, ignorance, and now even exploited by humans for greed via the rampant rise of dog-fighting, Sheena, who represents the X Breed Africanis dog, common to our country. These dogs have endless resilience and so much personality and grit. If people would only take the time to truly see their magnificence. In Sheena’s case, she was rescued from being stoned by a group of children. Brad and Angelina, the Fox Terrier mixes profiled because of their amazing characters. And last but not least, Sarge, who represents the LBD – the Little Brown Dog or the Little Black Dog.

Thousands upon thousands of little cross breed spirits waiting in hope for a second chance at life, and all too often overlooked. PAWS R US (SA) know from experience that they are legends – brimming with pluck and personality!

“We are delighted with the response to our specially-branded wine range. With over 900 bottles sold, it has been a tremendous blessing as a fundraising stream in support of our rescue work. Each bottle of wine features one of our rescue orphans. They have been specifically chosen because they each represent a theme or issue or cause that is close to our hearts,” says Linda Grimmer of PAWS R US (SA). “Each of these wines or bubblies arrive in your hands bearing their unique labels, and packaged in a simple, elegant box. They make the perfect gifts for yourself, or for others – whether it be for a birthday, a special meal, or ‘just because’. What makes them even more special, is that half of the proceeds of each sale, goes directly to PAWS R US (SA).”

PAWS R US (SA) also has a sherry range and what makes this even more special is that feline friends get some of the spotlight too. Although not a cat rescue organisation, they have decided to extend their range to kitty fans and are giving 10 percent of the sale of each item from the cat range in support of credible cat sterilisation programmes.
Each wine or bubbly is available at R100 and each sherry at R180. This excludes any shipping/posting charges. PAWS R US (SA) can arrange to have your wine order delivered to you.