Reader’s Confession: Passion Over Money Or Money Over passion?

THEY always say that you must find your passion and purpose so you can live a happy life, but it’s never easy to choose. I am originally from Gauteng and am caught between going after money or my passion.

I started writing when I was in secondary school. At first I just saw it as a hobby and a way to escape from the real world and be this amazing writer. I started writing short dialogues. They were not that good but they were interesting to read.


When I was in Matric I had to choose whether I was going to follow my passion or study pharmaceutical sciences. After being rejected from one university that I applied to, and failing the entrance exam of the other, I felt obliged to go with Plan B.

I’ve always loved maths and studying engineering was one of the options for me. Since I didn’t get into university I went to college to study electrical engineering.I didn’t have time to feel sorry for myself and I knew that everything happens for a reason and for the best. Even though I didn’t go to university like I’d planned to, I worked hard at college and I made sure to give it my all and I got almost 13 distinctions.

After completing my course I stayed at home for few months looking for a job and that’s when I started writing even more. I started writing more short stories for different magazines and entered more competitions and won some of them.

I am still applying for jobs in the engineering world but the love I have for writing is strong and makes me want to consider studying more towards becoming a writer. I love writing and love finding solutions in the engineering world. I am still on a journey to find my purpose in life but I won’t stop writing and I am going to be an engineer. If it means studying two different fields at the same time then so be it.”

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Robert Clunie
Robert is a descendant of the stout Macpherson Clan out of the Scottish Highlands and can claim Robert the Bruce as a far-off cousin. He suffers from a severe form of Collectors’ Disease and sports an assortment of small valuable curious. In his spare time he works a full-time job, but his real prowess lies within his musical aptitude as a drummer. He is a semi-amateur of the instrument and although he claims beating a drumhead one of the more primal sensations man can experience, he feels it to be an unnatural exercise to pursue. If he could have his way, he’d have breakfast every meal of the day and is a fan of all things Roald Dahl.