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Intel For Women Technology Empowerment

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Intel is on a women empowerment mission and there’s no stopping it. Intel’s goal is to reduce the technology-gender gap of digital literacy by empowering 5 million women in Africa and beyond through the Intel She Will Connect program. To date, 50,000 women have been trained using mobile apps, online resources and old-school classroom training. We had the honour and privilege of talking to some of the women within the Intel She Will Connect program.

Fortunate Moya

fortunate moya

Fortunate Moya is thirty-five years old and based in Ivory Park. She shares her Intel She Will Connect experience,”I came into this program knowing absolutely nothing about computers and technology. I was unemployed because my contract at Cash Converters ended and was not renewed. I joined the Intel She Will Connect project on 14 January 2016 and my life has never been the same since. Now I know the different components of a computer and how they all function together, I can Google online and also use the functions of my smartphone with the greatest of ease.”

Kgomotso Mashila

kgomotso mashila

Twenty-five year old Kgomotso Mashila from Ivory Park was over the moon and only too happy to share her Intel She Will Connect experience,”I was working at a company called NVEO Technology however they closed operations this side and relocated their business to KZN so I was left jobless and just chilled at home. I heard of the Intel She Will Connect program through a friend and I came to the centre to get more information. It’s the best decision of my life…EVER!”

Maria Ndlovu

maria ndlovu intel facilitator

Maria is an Intel She Will Connect facilitator and she’s also a volunteer of the Environmental program. Mariah joined the program in October 2015. Although she’s only twenty-two years of age, she sells fish and chicken runaways on the street close to her home over the weekends. She lives in Ivory Park with her mother, father, 7 siblings and her father’s second wife. She passionately shares her experience of the Intel She Will Connect program,”What I love most about being an Intel She Will Connect facilitator is meeting different people because they all teach me something new and I love learning and growing. Communities here at Ivory Park mostly have a disadvantaged background and most women who unemployed just sit at home and do nothing, I’m grateful for this amazing opportunity because I now know how to use a computer and I have a better understanding of technology. it’s way better than staying home and doing nothing.I’m forever grateful to Intel and all it’s partners for changing my life for the better”

Nthabiseng Nene

nthabiseng nene

thirty-two year old Nthabiseng Nene lost her job at a call centre in August 2015. Although computer literacy and training is not new to her, the Intel She Will Connect program has given her a broader understanding of computers. She tells us,”The Intel She Will Connect project is more than just about equipping us technology-wise – it truly changes lives. We can advertise businesses with the knowledge that we have and we also impart knowledge to others and invite them too. When I arrived here in January 2016, I thought my situation was bad but I learnt that there are other people out there who’s situations are worse. I’ve learnt things about myself that I didn’t know. For example, i enjoy public speaking and addressing crowds about what we do at the  Intel She Will Connect program. I thought I was reserved until I met Vuyelwa here at the program and got to interact with other ladies. Really, we are thankful to God and Intel for empowering us.

Vuyelwa Precious Sibisi

vuyelwa precious sibisi

Twenty-six year old Vuyelwa started the Intel She Will Connect program in July 2016. She’s a social butterfly and loves social media. She heard of the Intel She Will Connect program over Facebook and followed up with a friend was already busy getting empowered within the program. She shares, “I used to work at a call centre and my contract ended so I was unemployed for a while. I was pregnant however I lost my baby boy soon after his birth. The Intel She Will Connect program is life-changing – it helped me get out of that depression and empowered me with technology in amazing ways.

For more information on the program, head over to the Intel® She Will Connect Africa website.



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