Hot 91.9FM Christmas Wish: Making Up For Stolen Treasures

South Africa is one of the most beautiful countries in the world but all of us can agree that crime is rife, especially over the Christmas period, with many of us having experienced at least one or more forms of victimisation. Home robbery fuels fear in communities, because it puts people at risk of personal injury and emotional trauma in their homes, where they should feel safest.

Erica Botha is a teacher and single mother of two boys, aged 15 and 10. On a teacher’s salary, she does the best she can for her family and barely makes ends meet. Due to her financial situation, the area in which she and her boys live is not very safe and Erica has had her home broken into three times in three months. Keeping up with replacing their personal belongings is next to impossible as Erica can’t afford household insurance.


Erica’s youngest son saved for a long time and finally managed to get himself a second-hand gaming computer a month ago, and now it’s gone, as well as a PS4 and the TV, among other things.

Because of the many break-ins, numerous security measures have been put in place; namely electric fencing around the complex, a security gate on the front door as well as inside the apartment; Erica is doing all she can to try and find a safer place to stay next year.

Erica’s sisters nominated her for Christmas Wish. The team at Hot91.9 thought the ideal Christmas present would be to replace and upgrade what was lost. Friends at Acer kindly sponsored an Acer Nitro for the ultimate gaming experience, BT Games also come on-board and sponsored a PS4 and some games to go with them and the Hot91.9 Christmas Wish purchased a R2000 Steam voucher for games and a replacement television. And while the kids are playing with their toys, Hot91.9 will be whisking Erica off for a much-needed pamper session.

We wish Erica and her family relaxing, safe and happy holidays!