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Hot 91.9FM Christmas Wish: Helping Pay It Forward

Gill Ryan is a single income earner who struggles financially. She takes care of her brother who is sickly and wheelchair bound. Gill has to help him around. Neither of them are on a medical aid and have to spend countless hours at government hospitals for assistance.

A week ago Gill slipped in the driveway at work and fell on her face, suffering an eye injury. The fall shattered Gill’s glasses. Since then she has been getting by with an older pair of spectacles. However, because they are the incorrect prescription, they are causing her headaches and she is struggling to see.

Gill has obtained a quote for a new pair. Unfortunately, the cost of replacement is in the region of R5000 – money she simply does not have.

Gill’s colleague, Philip Cousins wrote into Hot 91.9FM Christmas Wish and asked if they could help Gill out with a new pair of glasses, which they gladly did.

Thanks to friends at Mellins i – Style the team were able to arrange a full assessment for Gill, ensuring that she is fitted with the correct pair of spectacles. And, to really spread some Christmas love and cheer, Hot Cares gave Gill a R10 000 gift card to spoil herself and her brother.

We wish them both a very merry Christmas and a crystal clear 2019!



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