Help With Skin Transplant For Flesh Eating Bug Victim

ON June 10, mother of two, 42-year-old Madelein Carelse, had a nagging pain that she thought was a toothache. When the pain worsened, she thought it had developed into an abscess. Her friend Charmaine Britz describes the sequence of events that occurred after this.
“On Monday, June 11, the one side of her face started to swell. Her husband took her to a local doctor, who prescribed antibiotics. The doctor said if the antibiotics didn’t work by Thursday, they would need to take Madelein to the hospital. By Tuesday there were three black spots noticeable on her swollen face. By Wednesday the swollen side of her face had turned completely black and she was struggling to breathe.

Her husband took her to Emfuleni Medi Clinic. As she is unemployed and does not have a medical aid, they referred her to one of the top surgeons at Sebokeng Hospital, Dr Mabude. Doctors there told her it was a flesh eating bug and they immediately operated on her.
When I, along with Erika Breytenbach, Mrs Globe 2019, visited her at the Sebokeng Hospital , we were upset and shocked. The only pain medication she was getting were Panados, which she anyway could not swallow, as there was no drip with painkillers. She was struggling to eat because of the pain and open wound, which was cleaned only every three days. She said it was very painful, and smelt bad.
We decided to send e-mails to reach for help to properly treat the flesh eating bug and I put a message on my business page Top Vibe Magazine on Facebook. Amazingly, on Tuesday July 2 at 08h10, I received a call from Midvaal Hospital management regarding Madelein’s case. They said they wanted to meet with me.

While I was there, I received a Whatsapp from Madelein’s friend saying that Sebokeng hospital said she could be discharged. I told Midvaal Hospital management and it was decided to go and fetch her right away. Along with Sister Marisa, we went in her private car to fetch Madelein. At Midvaal, she was bathed, her wounds cleaned and new blood tests were done. She was put in an isolation ward.
On Wednesday July 10, Madelein went in to theatre to have five teeth removed, and close up the hole in her throat. We were so relieved that the operation went very well and the doctor is happy with her progress. However, they say the affected area is too large to close without a skin transplant.
She still needs to heal from that operation and only then can she have a skin transplant. There is still a long road ahead for Madelein as funds are needed to pay for her skin transplant. See donation details below:

Pay It Forward


Madelein will need R200 000 for the skin transplant.
Donation details: We Care for You Club
ABSA – Vaalmall
Acc: 935 149 5630
Branch code: 632005
For more info contact Charmaine on 072 768 8582
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