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Help Mandy Say Ta-Ta To Her Tatas

Mandy Lottering, 43, has bravely decided to face her cancer struggle in a public way.  Experiencing a sharp pain in her left breast, Mandy went to the doctor, where they discovered a cyst, and also that she is in stage 3 breast cancer.

Her oncologist stressed the urgency of Mandy having a mastectomy as he cautioned waiting longer than two months ‘could allow the cancer an opportunity to spread beyond control because the tumour was too big for radiation. In order to be on the safe side, Mandy has now decided to have a double mastectomy.

Mandy is mother to Savannah, 23, and Jarrod, 14, and is happily married to Juan, her husband of over 16 years and has run the Cutting Crew hair salon for the past seven years.

As the operation is so expensive at over R120 000, Mandy asked donations-based crowdfunding platform, BackaBuddy to help raise the funds needed in an emotional but brave appeal:
“I was diagnosed with an Invasive Ductal Carcinoma on the 13th of September 2017.
True to form, anything I do seems to be ‘go BIG or go home’ in nature, my cancer is Stage IIIA cancer at this stage, which requires a mastectomy and then post op chemotherapy and radiation.
I am not my Cancer.
I am a mother who got a daughter through her Zac Efron crush and then again through a Vampire/Werewolf love triangle.
I am a mother who spent days scrubbing Blue enamel paint off and out of every orifice when her son wanted to be the AVATAR and rolled in paint.
I am a wife who has marvelled at the fact that her husband can erect the most intricate of steel structures, yet finds replacing a toilet roll challenging.
I have survived all manner of crisis big and small, I intend getting our little family through this one.
I am not my Cancer.
I am a hair stylist/pseudo psychologist.
I am a hand holder,
a wiper of tears,
a cheerleader,
a confidant,
a friend.
I am so much more and want to be more, if only my Tatas weren’t intent on trying to kill me. I have declared war on my cancer and need you all to fight with me.
My oncologist has expressed his concern for an urgency operation which costs over R120 000.”

Says Zane Groenewald, marketing officer of Backabuddy: “Mandy is a much loved and respected individual in her hometown and has built an unbreakable bond with her clients over the last 7 years. Customer loyalty is an understatement in this instance. Mandy says that the support from her clients has been remarkable, patrons are often moved to tears with the news of Mandy’s illness and have gone to great lengths to over their heartfelt support.

Says Mandy, “My clients are like family to me. I’ve watched their children grow up in front of my eyes. We’ve been together through highs and lows.” Now there is a ‘Tata Jar’, made by Savannah, into which Mandy’s generous clients have contributed over R18 000 thus far. Two anonymous donors, have also both R10 000 each towards campaign in addition.


“She’s a very private person who’s always trying to help others and is always looking out for them. Now Mandy needs the support. She’s given to so many over the years. She’s the type of person that found out she has stage 3 cancer and then went straight back to service a client, that’s the bond they share,” says husband, Juan.

Says Groenewald that while Mandy faces her biggest fear of not being able to be there for her children, she still remains ‘cautiously optimistic’ in her fight against cancer, and fights her vulnerability with a strong sense of humor because she has a responsibility to those around her.

Mandy says, “Preparing psychologically for the impending operating has been tough, but I don’t need to be ‘Pamela Anderson’ to feel like a woman. My confidence in my femininity and the strength I get is from my family.”

Mandy says she has found ‘the crowdfunding experience in itself a journey and has been overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers in her hometown’.

The campaign “Tata to Mandy’s Tata’s” started on BackaBuddy on the September 29, 2017. So far a total of R 60 445  has been generated towards the R120 000 operation Mandy needs to have next month.

“Crowdfunding is fantastic for individuals with limited resources and BackaBuddy is a phenomenal portal that is building communities. It’s the people who have little that share so much.” She also hopes her campaign ‘will create awareness for breast cancer and empower woman of all ages to get examined’.

“Mandy has requested that all funds be managed directly by BackaBuddy and be paid directly to necessary recipients to ensure complete transparency with her donors, a service we recommend to all our campaign creators. The number of donations already generated through this campaign speaks to Mandy’s flamboyant and open personality. It also showcases the beauty of a community coming together to support one of their own,” says Groenewald.

This Breast Cancer Awareness Month support Mandy’s Crowdfunding Campaign by donating here:
BackaBuddy Mandy Campaign

Alternatively scan the QR Code using a QR Code Scanner available on The iTunes App Store or Play Store.

For more on breast cancer go to:  A local doctor dedicated to fighting breast cancer and Breast cancer signs to look out for



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