Celebs Support Kitty And Puppy Haven

We feature some of our fave celebs each posing with a cute fluffy on our joint Kitty And Puppy Haven and people magazine calendar, for issue No 1 of 2017 – to raise awareness for this amazing rescue centre, so go out and buy your issue now!

Kitty And Puppy Haven is a pro-life rescue shelter based in Midrand in Gauteng, and will not euthanise any animal it rescues if it still has quality of life and is happy and pain-free. Most of the animals coming into the haven come from disadvantaged backgrounds, with many needing veterinary care, on top of the usual standard health care  – vaccinations, de-worming, flea control and sterilisation, which all their four-legged residents receive on a regular basis. Not surprisingly, their veterinary bills amount to between R40-R50 000 monthly.

In addition to their daily rescue missions, in June 2010 the Alex Project was started- a programme initially working only in Alexandra Township but which now also includes other squatter camps in the Gauteng area. In the townships they hand out free food, offer advice on pet care, carry out sterilisations, offer vaccinations and de-worming and rescue abandoned, neglected or orphaned animals.

Kitty And Puppy Haven is proud of the fact that they have homed and sterilised thousands of animals. And apart from financial help, KPH is always grateful for donations of food and animal accessories such as jackets, blankets, beds, leashes and toys. To see how you can help go to:

Kitty And Puppy Haven
Phone: 010 224 0760/ 010 224 0763
Emergency No: 083 387 1012
E-mail: [email protected]
SMS Donation line: 48748
Bank Details: Kitty Haven Nedbank Sandton City (197005)

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