Watch: An Apple A Day Kept Death At Bay

Korey Baruta

Korey Baruta’s passing so nearly came at the just 20 years of age. A period of self-sabotage and her general physical and mental deterioration saw her hospitalised and at one point confined to a wheelchair.

Like so many young girls her age her degradation was not an overnight occurrence. A mild obsession transformed into a full-blown eating disorder that saw the Australian wane to a frightening 35kg. Control, it seems, had been a major factor in Korey’s life.

She weighed in at a healthy 71 kg when she was 15. Her cheeks were rosy and she had an undeniable glow to her. However, the following four saw Korey lose half her body weight – she vanished so badly that she looked near skeletal. Anorexia and the control she had of food and academics consumed her. Literally. She worrying survived on an apple a day alone.

“Starving myself was my own form of self-harm. It was my attempt at destroying myself,” she said. “Losing weight was symbolic of me shrinking myself smaller and smaller in the hopes of one day disappearing completely. I envisioned myself disintegrating and slowly flaking away. In the end my ultimate goal was to kill myself, but in the slowest, most painful way possible. The way I felt I deserved.”

Korey Baruta

As she shrunk she started wearing baggy clothes to hide her skinny frame. It was her mother, however, who first noticed that Korey was fading. The subsequent onset of body dysmorphia caused in inability to walk. She collapsed and was finally admitted to hospital.

“My first was via an emergency admission after a doctor had assessed me and I could barely walk. I spent a week on a medical ward where they stabilised my medical condition, being pumped with fluids and strictly bound to bed rest,” the part-time dancer

Korey Baruta

“They tried to make me eat but I refused. This was then when I was transferred to a psychiatric hospital to treat my eating disorder. I was forced to eat and gain weight. I received intense psychotherapy, meal support and 24-hour supervision. I spent a total of five months in the psychiatric ward and in this time gained 20 kilograms.”

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