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Jamie Hannigan transforms the age old Origami into a more modern art form. What others might consider mundane, Jamie finds inspiration. She has said that she takes inspiration from her surroundings to create what she wants at an exact moment. Her inspiration varies from toadstools to mushrooms, concepts to themes, or astrology to mythology. “If just one person finds enjoyment in what my imagination led me to produce, I consider it a success.” Each book sculpture is handmade from the pages of the book that the art piece is depicting. The only materials used are the pages of the books and glue.

Jamie Hannigan uses her imagination to create art pieces of places found in Game Of thrones, using the pages of the book to create the sculptures.  Each sculpture depicts what the book is about and can take anywhere from 10-20 hours to create just one. Jamie has done each ‘universe’ of the hit tv series as depicted in the shows introduction.

Pyke and the Iron Islands made from “A Feast For Crows”.

Meereen made from “A Dance With Dragons”.

The Wall made from “A Storm Of Swords”.

Winterfell 🐺❄️ #gameofthrones #winterfell #housestark #thenorth #got #booksculpture #bookart

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Winterfell sculptured from “A Clash Of Kings”.

King's Landing 🏰 #gameofthrones #got #kingslanding #theredkeep #booksculpture

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“A Feast For Crows” also sculptured into King’s Landing.

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Made from the first book “Game Of Thrones”, Jamie made the book sculpture of the iconic Iron Throne.

Jamie also shows her passion for paper art with other types of sculptures.  Before her Game Of Thrones series, she created sculptures from the Harry Potter books.

Happy to reveal my latest endeavor ⚡#harrypotter #hogwarts #booksculpture #exhausted

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#harrypotter #azkaban #booksculpture @darthklob

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Harry potter and the goblet of fire for @darthklob #harrypotter #booksculpture

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