6 Reasons why we really, really love ice cream

What’s not to love about ice cream? It’s a creamy, easy-to-eat, sensory delight, and it has the power to make almost anything better! But did you know that Ola ice cream is also helping to make South Africa and the world a better place with the “I Am Ola” global ice cream vendor programme?


There’s no such thing as ‘ice cream weather’

True ice cream fans know that the temperature outside has nothing to do with how delicious ice cream is. Whether it’s summer or winter, we’ll still be treating ourselves to a frozen treat, and enjoying it just as much. And if it’s REALLY cold, just put the heater on, close your eyes and pretend you’re on a tropical island while you eat your ice cream.


Almost anything can be improved by ice cream

Ola ice cream

Think about your happiest moments. Maybe it was the birth of your child, your graduation or even just that one time when you caught only green traffic lights on your way to work. Now imagine someone had also handed you an ice cream. It would’ve made the moment that much better right?

Ice cream is the perfect food

Not too sweet, creamy and a sensory delight, what’s not to love about ice cream? It’s portable, easy to eat and if you’re lucky enough to be somewhere that has ice cream vendors, sometimes it literally comes to you! Of course, we’re not saying you should replace every meal with ice cream (although if you did, we certainly wouldn’t judge you), but as an occasional treat, it’s unbeatable.

There’s a time and a place for all sorts of different ice creams

Whether it’s a fruity lolly, a chocolate-and-nut-covered indulgence or a creamy, crunchy cone, everyone has their preferred ice cream, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t room in your ice-cream-loving heart for more than one favourite… Sometimes you feel like a thirst-quenching Paddle Pop, sometimes a classic Magnum – and that’s ok!


Every outing is an excuse for ice cream

Grocery shopping? Picking the kids up from school? Going to home affairs? You know what will make your errands that much more bearable? That’s right, ice cream will! Ice cream vendors are basically superheroes in disguise, coming to rescue us from a world without chilled snacks.

Eating ice cream can help make the world a better place

100,000 Global job opportunities to be created

The “I Am Ola” global ice cream vendor programme provides training, equipment, products and licensing to thousands of unemployed people, introducing them to the world of entrepreneurship and giving them a chance to develop the skills necessary to run a small business. So far, the programme has created 2200 new job opportunities in South Africa and 45 000 opportunities globally!

How Eating Ice Cream Can Help Create Job Opportunities In South Africa

That means every time you buy an Ola ice cream, you are contributing to the initiative. It really is that simple. If you keep enjoying your favourite frozen treats (whether your heart belongs to Magnum, Cornetto or Paddle Pop), Ola can keep building a happier, more inclusive world.

Click here to find out more about the “I Am Ola” global ice cream vendor programme and how every Ola trains local entrepreneurs.