50 Shades Of Chocolate And Vanilla Silverfoxes!

They are coming out of the woodwork, they are springing out of their rocking chairs;

Put a whole new meaning to 50 shades of grey in their silver white hairs;

No one worries about their ailments because not a soul remembers their cares;

For women all over the world are asking God to answer their prayers!

They break the boundaries of being labeled ‘old and cold’

Instead they are smoking-hot, adventurous and quite bold!

To a whole lot of thirsty women out there, their sight is pure gold.

They have been trolled and polled but all we can say is,”We’re sold!”

We embrace the reign of the silverfox in grace. Question is, who’s your Ace?

Get to know Texas Educator Mr Irvin Randle, better known as Mr Steal Your Grandma. He’s 54!

50 Shades Of Mr Irvin Randle

“HELLO! Is it me you’re looking for?”

50 shades of Irvin Randle

Silverfox Irvin Randle never looked more sexy. Adore – galore!

Mr Irvin Randle aka Mr Steal Your Grandma

Mr Irvin Randle…Can you be our granddaddy?

Irvin Randle keeps bringing the heat and it’s pretty neat. Want more of this brown sugar sweet?



Meet Italian tattoed grey model Alessandro Manfredini – he’s 47 and unshaven!

50 shades of granddaddy Alessandro Manfredini

Alessandro Manfredini knows how to slay 50 shades of gray and he don’t play!

Alessandro Manfredini

Keep up with 50 shades of Alessandro Manfredini on social media.



We revel in the 50 shades of grey being taken to a whole new level! We think we just made it to Heaven.

50 shades of grey granddaddies got us like

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