The Low-Down On Lymphatic Drainage

By Angela Bekiaris: Fat Freeze Clinic owner Marthie Maree, who specialises in body contouring without surgery, educates us on the procedure and helps us understand the importance of it all.

“When your basin drain pipe is blocked, the water will run out slowly. The same happens in your body when your lymphatic nodes are blocked. Toxin will not be disposed easily,” says Marthie.

According to Marthie, your lymphatic system stimulates lymphatic flow in peripheral and deep lymph nets. This evacuates metabolic residuals from the interstitial spaces and enhances immunological system response. Martha adds that “When your lymph nodes are blocked you feel unhealthy and tired.”

What Is It?

Manual Lymphatic Drainage also known as MLD, is a type of gentle massage intended to naturally drain the lymph, which carries waste products away from the tissues back toward the heart. It uses a specific amount of pressure and rhythmic circular movements to stimulate lymph flow. The major tasks of the lymphatic system is to clean and nourish cells — without that we wouldn’t survive long. According to ‘lymph is a clear fluid containing nutrients and oxygen similar to blood but without the red and white corpuscles. It comes from the general circulation and is deposited around the cells to keep them nourished’.

Reasons For Poor Lymphatic Flow

According to poor lifestyle choices are the most common causes, but not the only ones. The following affects your lymphs, too:

  • Lack of exercise as your lymphatic fluid needs muscle power to push it around the body
  • A poor diet as it may produce more waste for the lymph to pick up and dispose of
  • Pollutants – environmental and dietary
  • Surgery and trauma
  • Pregnancy

How Is It Done?

“We use a GFORM 3 machine that connects wires to ECG stickers, allowing the micro current to flow through your body to unblock the lymph nodes,” explains Marthie. It’s a 40-minute session whereby 24 ECG electrode stickers are applied to the body. “The electric connectors from the machine will then be attached to the ECG electrodes on the body and you will feel a soft tingling feeling for 10 minutes unblocking the lymph nodes,” explains Marthie, who adds that for 20 minutes, the toxins are collected, adding that for the current will also change and the toxin will be moved to the bladder.”


  • It’s not painful at all, reassures Marthie.
  • There is no preparation needed, and treatment is only done once a month.
  • After the procedure, your urine will change colour, depending on how much toxin is in your body. Marthie also adds, “Twenty-four hours after the treatment you might feel tired and a bit flu like due to the toxin that is draining from body.”
  • People with epilepsy, or those with a heart monitor cannot have the procedure done.

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