The Small Business Corner: Ziara Online

WE at people magazine believe in the small business enterprise as a driver of our economy. We are strong supporters of individuals who exhibit an entrepreneurial spirit and who are creating jobs. And that’s why we want to give them our full support.

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Who Are They?


ZIARA is an e-commerce business that sells trendy accessories and make-up for women. The business was started by Bernadine Maralack who, after losing her baby at 17 weeks in 2014 to a miscarriage, wanted to start something that would keep the memory of her angel alive. Her name would have been Zia and Ziara is a combination of that and the ‘ra’ in Maralack.

What Do They Do?

THEIR aim is for women to look good, because if you look good you will feel good. Ziara believes that if you shift your attention from the negatives in life and focus it on the positives and on yourself, you will gain greater joy. They believe that just the small gesture of spoiling yourself with their products can make a change in your overall mood. Your accessories are the highlight of any outfit and give a sense of individuality. Accessories can be extremely powerful because they can take any nice outfit and make it a fabulous one, in turn making you feel fabulous! Ziara wants to be a brand that makes you feel good, and are setting a trend with unique and creative products.

Where Are They Based?

ZIARA is located in the northern suburbs of Cape Town.

Who Benefits?

ANYBODY who wants to look spectacular – especially those who are going through tough times and need that special pick-me-up. It’s the perfect gift from you to you.

Contact Details

E-mail: [email protected]

Instagram: @ziara_onlinestore


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