The Small Business Corner: Thola Africa

by Robert Clunie

WE at people magazine believe in the small business enterprise as a driver of our economy. We are strong supporters of individuals who exhibit an entrepreneurial spirit and who are creating jobs. And that’s why we want to give them our full support.

Who Are They?

Small Business

THOLAAFRICA.COM is an exciting new online marketplace, which offers a curated selection of bespoke fashion and décor, crafted by African artisans and designers. Thola Africa is a not-for-profit organisation, which has launched the marketplace with the goal of providing a platform to small local producers, allowing them a chance to showcase their work, and make it conveniently available to a global audience, staying true to their motto: ‘Discover Africa at your fingertips’. Explore the range of world-class fashion, art and décor and find the premium piece you have been looking for – all while supporting the vision and mission of a local small business.

What Do They Do?

SIMPLY put, is where cause meets convenience. We all want to support local and empower small businesses, but sometimes it can be difficult or inconvenient to do so. Thola solves this problem by partnering exclusively with small local brands and entrepreneurs, allowing you to find their products in one place.

Where Are They Based?

THOLA AFRICA is an online market place –

Who Benefits?

THEIR partners an d our buyers. Their partners are small, community-based businesses and it is Thola’s mission to help them grow through their platform so that they can create jobs and help to develop South Africa. Their buyers benefit, as they are making it easier than ever before to find and support Africa’s talent.

Contact Details


Twitter: @tholaafrica

Facebook: @TholaAfrica

HAVE a small business you’d like us to feature? Contact Robert Clunie at [email protected] and fi’’ us in on your entrepreneurial venture.

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